Harvard Global Health Institute Stories, 2012-2014

In addition to my academic publications, as Senior Writer for the Harvard Global Health Institute between 2011 and 2014 under Institute Faculty Director, Dr. Sue J. Goldie, I covered a series of exciting events, thought-provoking cross-disciplinary discussions, and wrote feature stories for news from across the University related to the Institute. Integral to team solidarity, these stories were posted without a byline. I was the lead writer, crafting the idea for the story, engaging with faculty to get the details right, and working closely with our utterly amazing staff on editing, links, and the best possible photos to include with each feature as it was posted on the Institute’s website.  Read a selection of these stories from the links below to pdf archives.

“Along the silk road: Improving vaccine storage” (7/11/12)
“Faculty experts gather for case-based teaching in global health” (8/8/12)
“Program development in global health” (9/10/12)
“Networking dinner builds global health community” (12/13/12)
“Oral health is global health” (1/22/13)
“Training young leaders for global health” (3/5/13)
“Lunch & Learn: Roundtable chat with UNAIDS Founding Director, Dr. Peter Piot” (3/13/13)
“Health not wealth as an incentive for drug development: A conversation with Thomas Pogge” (4/29/13)
“Think like a WHO negotiator” (5/15/13)
“Human rights for Kenya’s Kikuyu” (6/21/13)
“Committed to the world: Rhodes scholars in global health” (7/17/13)
“Global health workshop for teaching fellows” (9/10/13)
“Religion and global health: Institute sponsors conversation” (11/13/13)
“An economist’s perspective on the U.S. health care system: An informal conversation with Professor William Hsiao” (12/12/13)
“Governance for malaria: A conversation with Dr. Regina Rabinovich” (12/16/13)
“Bearing ‘witness’ for global health in humanitarian aid: A conversation with Sophie Delaunay” (12/20/13)
“Student innovation: The Pixel Park Project” (12/31/13)
“Locally global: Young Leaders for Global Health 2013” (1/15/14)
“Youth rights, vulnerabilities and voices: An informal conversation with Jacqueline Bhabha” (2/3/14)
“Building crosswalks: Education, youth (un)employment, and well-being: An informal conversation with Robert B. Schwartz” (2/25/14)
“A mind toward mental health: Informal conversation with Anne Becker” (4/8/14)
“Literacy and the school-health connection: An informal conversation with Robert LeVine and Ana Langer” (4/10/14)
“CFAR symposium explores knowledge gaps in HIV co-infections” (4/17/14)
“Youth leadership and skill-building: An informal conversation with Nava Ashraf” (note: The story on Professor Ashraf was written by Aaron Robertson in collaboration with HGHI editorial and program staff, and is included here as part of the Informal Conversation Series archive) (4/24/14)
“The future of financing global health: An informal conversation with John-Arne Røttingen” (4/29/14)
“Battle for schools and children’s right to education in India: An informal conversation with Shantha Sinha” (4/29/14)
“An informal discussion: New knowledge at the interface of social media and global health” (5/16/14)
“Graduate student profile: Lauren Taylor” (6/10/14)
“Global health and social media: Summer workshops explore new opportunities” (8/25/14)
“Why should we care about water, sanitation and hygiene? A women’s issue, human rights concern, and global governance challenge” (Informal conversation with Professor Sharmila Murthy, 10/7/14)
“Online Ubuntu: Exploring digital pandemics in a hyper-networked world” (10/7/14)
“Human Rights and Adolescence” (12/1/14) (pdf)
“Women’s Health Leadership: Workshop Reflections” (12/16/14)