Below is a complete list of my peer-reviewed publications, book reviews, and collaborative research with colleagues in public health. PDFs of select feature stories I wrote between 2012 and 2014 for the Harvard Global Health Institute are also available here.

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Disability, Medicine, and Healing Discourse in Early Christianity. Co-editor, with Chris L. de Wet and Jonathan L. Zecher. London: Routledge, in preparation.

The Garb of Being: Embodiment and the Pursuit of Holiness in Late Ancient Christianity. Co-editor, with Georgia Frank and Andrew S. Jacobs. New York: Fordham University Press, 2019. From the publisher: “This collection explores how the body became a touchstone for late antique religious practice and imagination. When we read the stories and testimonies of late ancient Christians, what different types of bodies stand before us? How do we understand the range of bodily experiences—solitary and social, private and public—that clothed ancient Christians? How can bodily experience help us explore matters of gender, religious identity, class, and ethnicity? The Garb of Being investigates these questions through stories from the eastern Christian world of antiquity: monks and martyrs, families and congregations, and textual bodies.” Read more.

Beholden: Religion, Global Health, and Human Rights. New York: Oxford University cover-thumbnailPress, 2015. Recipient of the 2016 Grawemeyer Award in Religion. Select news stories online at the PR/USNewswire; Louisville Courier-Journal [pdf version]; PC-USA News. Reviews to date have appeared in Journal of Religion & Health (April 11, 2016); Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved (May 2016); Sojourners (May 2016); Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics (December 2016); Religious Studies Review (March 2017).


Basil of Caesarea: On Fasting and Feasts. Popular Patristics Series 50; Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2013. Lead author and collaborative translator with Dr. Mark DelCogliano.

godknowscover_ThumbGod Knows There’s Need: Christian Responses to Poverty. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. In an August 2010 Harvard Divinity Bulletin review by Professor Susan Abraham (“Outstretched Arms as Liturgy,” vol. 38), the book is cited as “deeply satisfying” with Abraham adding: “The raucous and intractable ‘debate’ on health care reform taking place right now will find resources in this text to address the polarized and contradictory ways in which the debate has shaped up publically.” Also reviewed by: Publishers Weekly (April 13, 2009); Library Journal (May 15, 2009), , InCommunion (January 2010), The London Tablet (Feb. 20, 2010, online at p 31), Catholic Historical Review (April 2010), Theological Studies (June 2010), Interpretation (October 2010), Catholic News Service/National Catholic Reporter, and Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society (Spring 2011). Two book-related interviews with the author are online at the Project on Lived Theology and the Tufts Journal.

povertyvolcover_thumbWealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society (Volume editor), Holy Cross Studies in Patristic Theology and History 1. Grand Rapids: BakerAcademic, 2008. Select, peer-reviewed and revised papers from a 2005 conference of the Stephen and Catherine Pappas Patristic Institute, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Boston, MA; Foreword by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios [Trakatellis], Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

HAD-cover_thumbThe Hungry are Dying: Beggars and Bishops in Roman CappadociaOxford Studies in Historical Theology. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. Reviewed in Church History (June 2002), Journal of Ecclesiastical History (Jan. 2003), Bryn Mawr Classical Review (March 2003, online at, Journal of Theological Studies (vol. 54/1, April 2003, p. 323–324), Journal of Religion (vol. 83/4, Oct. 2003, p. 631–633), American Historical Review (vol. 108/5, Dec. 2003, pp. 1503–1504), and Journal of Roman Studies (vol. 93, Nov. 2003, pp. 413–414). Translations: Romanian (forthcoming).

Essentials-of-Nutrition_cover_thumbEssentials of Nutrition for the Health Professions. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1987. College-level health science textbook designed for nursing students.

Journal Articles (see further below for other collaborative public health research)

“Doctors in the Choir: Healing Embodiment and Ingestion in Early Church Space,” Journal of Early Christian Studies,  28/2 (2020): 255-282.

“A Tale of Two Tables,” The Cresset, 83/3 (2020): 4-9.

“Religion and Public Health: Learning from the [Ancient] Past,” Public Health, Religion, and Spirituality Network Bulletin, spring 2020.

A Vocational Friendship: The Cappadocians,” Comment Magazine 35/4 (2017): 33-37.

“Orthodox Humanitarianisms: Patristic Foundations,” The Review of Faith and International Affairs (special issue on “Orthodox Christianity and Humanitarianism: Ideas and Action in the Contemporary World”) 14/1 (2016): 26-33, http:/

“On the Righteousness of Rights,” The Wheel 1:3 (2015), 16-20.

Vortmann, M, Balsari, S, Holman SR, Greenough PG. “Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at the World’s Largest Mass Gathering.” Current Infectious Disease Reports, 17:2 (2015); doi: 10.1007/s11908-015-0461-1.

De Beneficentia: A Homily on Social Action Attributed to Basil of Caesarea” first critical edition and analysis of a fifth- or sixth-century Greek text on philanthropy, in collaboration with Caroline Macé (Catholic University of Leuven, who has prepared the critical edition) and Brian Matz (Carroll University), Vigiliae Christianae 66 (2012), 457–481.

“Unmercenary Saints,” in John Anthony McGuckin (ed.), Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Vol. 2. Malden, MA and Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011, pp. 618–620.

“Who and What we Seek to Become: Exploring the Formation of an Intentional Lay Affiliation,” Communities of New Skete [news] 18 (Winter 2011-12), pp. 8-9.

“Patristic Christian Views on Poverty and Hunger,” invited article, Journal of Lutheran Ethics [online], June, 2010.

“On Phoenix and Eunuchs: Sources for Meletius the Monk’s Anatomy of Gender,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 16 (2008): 79–101.

“Rich City Burning: Social Welfare and Ecclesial Insecurity in Basil’s Mission to Armenia,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 12 (2004): 195–211.

“Lightfoot’s ‘Woman’: Scribal Transmission and the Victorian Reporter.” Anglican Theological Review 84 (2002): 251–268.

“The Entitled Poor: Human Rights Language in the Cappadocians.” Pro Ecclesia 9 (2000): 476–489.

“Healing the Social Leper in Gregory of Nyssa’s and Gregory of Nazianzus’s ‘Peri philoptochias.’” Harvard Theological Review 92 (1999): 283–309. Selected for reprinting in the Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism (Thomas Gale Publishers), Vol. 82, June 2006. The original conference version of this research paper was awarded the Allyn Russell Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper by the New England/Maritimes Region of the American Academy of Religion, 1998

“The Hungry Body: Famine, Poverty and Identity in Basil’s Homily 8,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 7 (1999): 337–363.

“Molded as Wax: Formation and Feeding of the Ancient Newborn.” Helios 24 (1997): 77–95.

Book Chapters

“Case Studies in Disaster Mitigation and Prevention,” co-authored with Satchit Balsari, in Himanshu Grover and Tanveer Islam, eds., Case Studies in Disaster Mitigation and Prevention. Elsevier, in press.

“Works of Relief and Charity in the Early Church, in the Roman Empire,” in Paul van Geest, Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, and David Hunter, eds., Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity. Leiden: Brill, in press.

“ ‘And Yet the Books’: Footnotes in Patristic Social Welfare.” In Georgia Frank, Andrew Jacobs, Susan R. Holman, eds., The Garb of Being: Embodiment and the Pursuit of Holiness in Late Ancient Christianity. Fordham University Press, 2019, pp. 294-317.

“Daring to Write Theology without Footnotes.” In Charles Marsh, Peter Slade, and Sarah Azaransky, eds., Lived Theology: New Perspectives on Method, Style and Pedagogy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017, pp. 89-101.

“Martyr-Saints and the Demon of Infant Mortality: Folk Healing in Early Christian Pediatric Medicine.” In Christian Laes, Katariina Mustakallio, and Ville Vuolanto, eds., Children and Family in Late Antiquity: Life, Death and Interaction. Leuven: Peeters, 2015, pp. 233-254. (Invited chapter for The Roman Family VI conference, 2012)

“A Good Place to Build Something New: Global Health Equity in the Department of Medicine.” In Peter Tishler, Christine Wenc, and Joseph Loscalzo, eds., The Teaching Hospital: Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Evolution of Academic Medicine. New York: McGraw Hill, 2014, pp. 383-391. (Invited chapter on the history of the Division of Global Health Equity, founded by Drs. Howard Hiatt, Paul Farmer, Jim Yong Kim [co-founders of Partners In Health] and colleagues)

“Out of the Fitting Room: Rethinking Patristic Social Texts on ‘The Common Good’.” In Johan Leemans, Brian Matz, and Johan Verstraeten, eds., Reading Patristic Texts on Social Ethics: Issues and Challenges for 21st Century Christian Social Thought. Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 2011, pp. 103–123. (Invited chapter based on invited colloquium paper)

“On the Ground: Realizing an ‘Altared’ Philoptochia.” in Matthew Pereira, ed., Philanthropy and Social Compassion in Eastern Orthodox Tradition. Papers of the Sophia Institute Annual Academic Conference Dec. 2009New York: Theotokos Press, 2010, pp. 31–49. (Invited chapter based on invited plenary paper)

“Sick Children and Healing Saints: Medical Treatment of the Child in Christian Antiquity.” In Cornelia B. Horn and Robert R. Phenix, eds. Children in Late Ancient Christianity. Studien und Texte zum Antiken Christentum/Studies and Texts on Ancient Christianity; Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 2009, pp. 143–170. Series Editor: Christoph Markschies. (Invited chapter)

“Healing the World with Righteousness? The Language of Social Justice in Early Christian Homilies,” in Miriam Frenkel and Yaacov Lev, eds., Charity and Giving in Monotheistic Religions. Studien zur Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients. Berlin/NY: De Gruyter, 2009, pp. 89–110. (Invited chapter)

“God and the Poor,” in Andrew B. McGowan, Brian E. Daley SJ, and Timothy J. Gadin (eds.), God in Early Christian Thought : Essays in Memory of Lloyd G. Patterson, Vigiliae Christianae Supplements 94. Leiden: Brill, 2009, pp. 297–321. (Invited chapter)

“Rich and Poor in Sophronius of Jerusalem’s Miracles of Saints Cyrus and John.” In Susan R. Holman, ed., Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society. Holy Cross Studies in Patristic Theology and History, vol. 1. Grand Rapids: BakerAcademic, 2008; pp. 103–124. (Chapter is double-peer-reviewed revision of invited plenary lecture)

“Constructed and Consumed: Everyday Life of the Poor in 4th C. Cappadocia,” in W. Bowden, A. Gutteridge, and C. Machado (eds), Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity. Late Antique Archaeology 3; Leiden: Brill, 2006; pp. 441–464. (Invited chapter)

“Taxing Nazianzus: Gregory and the Other Julian.” In M.F. Wiles and E.J. Yarnold (eds.), Studia Patristica XXXVII. Leuven: Peeters, 2001; pp. 103–109. (Conference proceedings)

“‘You Speculate on the Misery of the Poor:’ Usury as Civic Injustice in Basil of Caesarea’s Second Homily on Psalm 14.” In Keith Hopwood (ed.), Organised Crime in the Ancient World. London and Swansea: Duckworth/Classical Press of Wales, 1999; pp. 207–228. (Essays based on conference)

“Nutrition Management.” In John W. Hare (ed.), Diabetes Complicating Pregnancy: The Joslin Clinic Method. New York: Alan R. Liss, Inc., 1989; pp. 69–80. (Invited chapter)

Book Reviews

Michael Balboni and John Peteet (eds), Spirituality and Religion within the Culture of Medicine: From Evidence to Practice. Review for Journal of Religion and Health vol. 56 (2017): 892-894.

Peter Brown, Treasure in Heaven: The Holy Poor in Early Christianity. Reviewed in Journal of Late Antiquity vol. 10, no. 1 (2017): 282-287.

Vasiliki M. Limberis, Architects of Piety: The Cappadocian Fathers and the Cult of the Martyrs. Reviewed in The Journal of Theological Studies NS 63/1 (April 2012): 318-321.

Invited book “briefs” for Health and Human Rights: An International Journal, vol. 13, no. 1 (2011), on the following titles: Elena Andresen and Erin DeFries Bouldin (eds.), Public Health Foundations: Concepts and Practices;  Thomas Banchoff and Robert Wuthnow (eds.), Religion and the Global Politics of Human Rights; Ronald Dworkin, Justice for Hedgehogs; John Harrington and Maria Stuttaford (eds.), Global Health and Human Rights: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives; Nancy Krieger, Epidemiology and the People’s Health; Johannes Morsink, Inherent Human Rights: Philosophical Roots of the Universal Declaration; Jennifer Prah Ruger, Health and Social Justice; John Witte, Jr., and Frank S. Alexander (eds.), Christianity and Human Rights: An Introduction; and Iris Marion Young, Responsibility for Justice; online at

William J. Tabbernee, Prophets and Gravestones : An Imaginative History of Montanists and Other Early Christians. Reviewed in Journal of Early Christian Studies 18 (2010): 654–655.

Sophie Métivier, La Cappadoce (IVe–VIe siècle): Une histoire provinciale de l’Empire romain d’Orient. Reviewed in Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2006.

Dionysios Ch. Stathakopoulos, Famine and Pestilence in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Empire. Reviewed in Speculum 81 (2006): 606–608.

Raymond Van Dam, Families and Friends in Late Roman Cappadocia, Reviewed in Church History 74 (2005): 597–598.

Andrea Sterk, Renouncing the World Yet Leading the Church: The Monk-Bishop in Late Antiquity. Reviewed in Journal of Early Christian Studies, 12 (2004): 543–544.

Timothy S. Miller, The Orphans of Byzantium: Child Welfare in the Christian Empire. Reviewed in The American Historical Review, February 2004, pp. 233–234.

Edward Yarnold, S.J. Cyril of Jerusalem. Reviewed in Journal of Early Christian Studies 10 (2002): 298–299.

Paul Jonathan Fedwick. Bibliotheca Basiliana Vniveralis II.1,2. Reviewed in Journal of Early Christian Studies 7 (1999): 163–165.

Emily Albu Hanawalt and Carter Lindberg (eds.), Through the Eye of a Needle: Judeo-Christian Roots of Social Welfare. Reviewed in Religious Studies Review 21 (1995): 337.

Collaborative Public Health Research “White Papers,” Videos, Case Studies, and Editorials/Letters
(see above for peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters)

Holman S, Balsari S. “Stampede at the Kumbh Mela: Preventable Accident?” Case Study. Boston: Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University/ /Harvard University FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, 2017. See above for forthcoming book chapter version of this free online case.

Gordon R, Holman S. “Flint, Michigan: Lethal Water,” Case study and teaching pack. Cambridge: Global Health Education and Learning Incubator, 2017. Component parts include: Case Narrative; Instructor’s Note; Discussion Guide; Water Wheel Teaching Graphic [note large file size]; and Role-Play Exercise.

Dreimiller A, Holman S, Hoover P, Hazelwood M. “Transformative/Reparative Justice.” Collaborative video project developed as part of summer course on “Storytelling and Global Justice,” 2016. [YouTube link]

Holman S, Shayegan L (in collaboration with Richard Cash, MD, MPH). “Toilets and Sanitation at the Kumbh Mela,” Case Study. Boston: Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health/Harvard Global Health Institute/Global Health Education and Learning Incubator at Harvard University, 2014. [case home page]

Smith Fawzi MC, Holman SR, Kiley R, Li M, Barry D, Bandara S, Fuller A. “Closing the implementation gap in services for children affected by HIV/AIDS: From assisting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to providing long-term opportunities for economic growth.” [Commentary]Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 22 (2011): 1401–1412.

Smith Fawzi MC, Holman SR, Fuller A. “Children affected by HIV/AIDS,” [Letter], Health Affairs 29/4 (April, 2010): 744; doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2010.0243.

Kim JY, Mungherera L, Holman SR, and Smith Fawzi MC. The Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS (Learning Group 3) Synthesis report: Expanding access to services and protecting human rights. Boston: The FXB Center/JLICA, 2008.

Baingana F, Fuller A, Levy Guyer A, Holman SR, Kim JY, Li M, McKeever J, Mungherera L, Psaki S, Sematimba B, Serukka D, Smith Fawzi MC, and Zaeh S. The implementation gap in services for children affected by HIV/AIDS: Supporting families and communities in caring for and protecting vulnerable children. Boston: The FXB Center/JLICA, 2008.

Kim JY, Mungherera L, Belfer M, Betancourt T, Holman SR, and Smith Fawzi MC [principal writers, with other contributing writers]: Casey A, Chan A, Forman R, Fuller A, Li M, Lim Y, Williams T, and Zaeh S.Integration and expansion of prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV and early childhood intervention services. Boston: The FXB Center/JLICA, 2008.

Select news stories (without byline) written for the Harvard Global Health Institute (the links below open pdf archive files)

“Along the silk road: Improving vaccine storage” (7/11/12)
“Faculty experts gather for case-based teaching in global health” (8/8/12)
“Program development in global health” (9/10/12)
“Networking dinner builds global health community” (12/13/12)
“Oral health is global health” (1/22/13)
“Training young leaders for global health” (3/5/13)
“Lunch & Learn: Roundtable chat with UNAIDS Founding Director, Dr. Peter Piot” (3/13/13)
“Health not wealth as an incentive for drug development: A conversation with Thomas Pogge” (4/29/13)
“Think like a WHO negotiator” (5/15/13)
“Human rights for Kenya’s Kikuyu” (6/21/13)
“Committed to the world: Rhodes scholars in global health” (7/17/13)
“Global health workshop for teaching fellows” (9/10/13)
“Religion and global health: Institute sponsors conversation” (11/13/13)
“An economist’s perspective on the U.S. health care system: An informal conversation with Professor William Hsiao” (12/12/13)
“Governance for malaria: A conversation with Dr. Regina Rabinovich” (12/16/13)
“Bearing ‘witness’ for global health in humanitarian aid: A conversation with Sophie Delaunay” (12/20/13)
“Student innovation: The Pixel Park Project” (12/31/13)
“Locally global: Young Leaders for Global Health 2013” (1/15/14)
“Youth rights, vulnerabilities and voices: An informal conversation with Jacqueline Bhabha” (2/3/14)
“Building crosswalks: Education, youth (un)employment, and well-being: An informal conversation with Robert B. Schwartz” (2/25/14)
“A mind toward mental health: Informal conversation with Anne Becker” (4/8/14)
“Literacy and the school-health connection: An informal conversation with Robert LeVine and Ana Langer” (4/10/14)
“CFAR symposium explores knowledge gaps in HIV co-infections” (4/17/14)
“Youth leadership and skill-building: An informal conversation with Nava Ashraf” (4/24/14)
“The future of financing global health: An informal conversation with John-Arne Røttingen” (4/29/14)
“Battle for schools and children’s right to education in India: An informal conversation with Shantha Sinha” (4/29/14)
“An informal discussion: New knowledge at the interface of social media and global health” (5/16/14)
“Graduate student profile: Lauren Taylor” (6/10/14)
“Global health and social media: Summer workshops explore new opportunities” (8/25/14)
“Why should we care about water, sanitation and hygiene? A women’s issue, human rights concern, and global governance challenge” (Informal conversation with Professor Sharmila Murthy, 10/7/14)
“Online Ubuntu: Exploring digital pandemics in a hyper-networked world” (10/7/14)
“Human Rights and Adolescence” (12/1/14) (pdf)
“Women’s Health Leadership: Workshop Reflections” (12/16/14)