The Cappadocians: A Short Bibliography for Ordinary Readers

I am sometimes asked what to read to learn more about the fourth-century Christians I’ve studied who are called the “Cappadocians.” In response, I developed this free online 2-page bibliography with just a few of the most significant references related to their lives and work. It also also includes some easy-to-find resources on a later writer, John Chrysostom, who was bishop of Antioch and Constantinople (and not a Cappadocian) who is sometimes mentioned with Basil and Gregory of Nazianzus, in the literature as well as in popular icons. Since this material may (I hope) spark interest to read further, it also includes a few other suggestions beyond these particular writers from late antiquity. Choose what interests you, read only as much as interests you, and enjoy your reading!

Download the Bibliography

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Learning to Practice Peace

Health and healthy engagement with the world around us depends on fostering good in and alongside the others we encounter, even (and especially) when it is difficult, insofar as that is possible. Harvard Divinity School has just announced two January intensive skills courses for those who want to learn more: “Engaging Conflict: Reflective Structured Dialogue and the Inner Resources of the Facilitator”, led by Robert R. Stains Jr., and “Healing and Reconciling Relationships in Conflict: A Dignity Approach”, led by Dr. Donna Hicks. HDS students and fellows have priority but there may be some openings for alumni and members of the public, and the courses offer inspiring models for new courses at other institutions. Click on the image or links above to learn more about the courses and to view resources offered by the school’s Religions and the Practice of Peace Program.

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Honored to be named Senior Fellow

I’m immensely honored by the invitation to be a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Initiative on Health, Religion & Spirituality. Learn more about this wonderful group of scholars, researchers, and practitioners.

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Ancient Friendships: Comment Magazine

Comment Magazine‘s winter 2017-2018 issue focuses on “Ancient friendships”; click on images below to view more:

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Resilience: Defined


Source: Jennifer Leaning, MD, Keynote lecture, “Women Leaders in Global Health,” Stanford University, 10/12/17.
View Dr. Leaning’s presentation

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Feasting St. Martin of Tours

“A Saint, His Cloak, and Us” by the Rev. Dr. Andrew McGowan

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Emergency doctors on stage: playing rock for all that rain (and wind)

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link to concert tickets for the November 12 event


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