Recipe for Worthy Leaders …”and most of all hope”

“Leaders should not seek riches, fame, or even recognition for their efforts….They should see their vocation as one of service and sacrifice and should lead by example. This kind of leadership requires integrity, resilience, a willingness to speak hard truths in public, and most of all hope — the conviction that, through our determined efforts, we can make our world more peaceful and just.”

-Philosopher Tommie Shelby, 4/3/18

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Eckrich Chair in Religion and the Healing Arts

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Build & Nurture Community Diversity & Inclusion

Harvard’s hot-off-the-press report on diversity and inclusion is worth the world (or at least other educational and workplace communities around the world) taking a look:

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Memoir on refugee life in France

Lynne Jones, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, writer, researcher, and relief worker, describes the daily journey of working with refugees and migrants in these online diaries. The link above will open her 23-page diary from refugee camps in Calais, France, between 2015 and 2017. Dr. Jones is the author of Outside the Asylum: A Memoir of War, Disaster and Humanitarian Psychiatry. She is currently a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard University FXB Center for Health and Human Rights. Read a shorter excerpt and more information about the diaries at the FXB website.

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Life These Days

one of my very favorite reminders that sometimes, just sometimes, amazing journeys  (if with a bit of wipe-out here and there)
are possible.
[click on video image above or here to view]

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Simone Weil on Relational Justice

If Simone Weil is correct… justice means the right relationships among all things. I think this relates to social justice, the active restoration of right relationships, because after all, what does the beauty of the world tell us? … Now the beautiful ordering of social relationships is the task of justice. That is why she goes to work in a factory and goes on hunger strikes among other things…”

Christopher Yates, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Aesthetics,
and Art Theory, University of Virginia, in a
February 2018  seminar lecture and
discussion at the Project on Lived Theology.

Listen to the full lecture.

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How do you measure the success of welfare?

Program Cost or Human Benefit? A very brief history of welfare and work in the USA

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