Ethics of Water: Religion and Health: New Online Lecture

Abundant thanks to the folks at the Department of Theology and the University of Durham  (UK) Project for Spirituality, Theology and Health for their invitation to present at the October Seminar, and for their warm and kind welcome and good discussion. Click on the image to view the talk online.






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Thank you, Jonathan Kranz

It strikes me this morning that a public thanks is long overdue to the fellow writer who inspired me to begin this “Jottings” blog in the first place, Jonathan Kranz. It was back in November of 2012. We were chatting in a large sunny office overlooking Harvard Square, and he suggested that, as a fellow writer, I really ought to have a public voice for my little glimpses of things. In the moment we were thinking about an upcoming project and journey to the 2013 Kumbh Mela festival in Allahabad, India. Most of my glimpses from that experience found voice in Chapter 2 of Beholden: Religion, Global Health, and Human Rights, in an Oxford University Press blog post in 2015–and in this short 2013 post on the Harvard Kumbh Mela project’s website, thanks to the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute and the Harvard Global Health Institute. But far beyond that project, he was so right, effectively energizing my dip into blogging, such as it is. So–rather belatedly–thank you, Jonathan Kranz, inspirational consultant and novelist provocateur!  Learn more about Jonathan’s creative philosophy of story (and his recent novel) here.

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Hermit’s glimpse

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What (and where on earth) is “Quality” in Health Care?

Learn more in the latest (November 2018) issue of the Lancet Global Health

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Truly the Light is Sweet…







“Liyt is sweet, and delitable to the iyen to se the sunne.” (Ecclesiastes 11:7, Wycliffe translation, 1395)


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Boston Grocers, 1906

another view (the owner, 2nd from the left below, was Mr. Selden Rand):
Photos from the author’s personal collection; may be shared and reused for educational non-profit use in accord with the Creative Commons license.


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Global Health Ethics: A Short Bibliography

What has ethics to do with global health? Rather a lot! Explore the free online resources described in this new annotated bibliography, recently developed with support from the Global Health Education and Learning Incubator (GHELI) at Harvard University.  The bibliography may be useful to guide development of  a select reading list for the classroom, and for beginning researchers in global ethics as it relates to bioethics, humanitarian aid, public health, human rights, and the role of religion in health. To view and download other teaching tools on related topics*, visit GHELI’s online repository.

*Related GHELI teaching packs that also explore ethical issues and dilemmas:
Health and Human Rights
Accidents and Injuries: Lessons from a Stampede
Flint, Michigan: Lethal Water

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