Do you know about ReMeDHe?

Just back from some very exciting sessions with ReMeDHe:
Working Group for Religion, Medicine, Disability, and Health in Late Antiquity–an amazing group of scholars in late antiquity who focus on health & disability narratives! The group is co-directed by Professors Kristi Upson-Saia (Occidental College) and Heidi Marx (University of Manitoba). ReMeDHe is currently preparing an extensive Sourcebook for teaching on these topics in religion, public health, and pre-med/medical school curriculi,  forthcoming from University of California  Press.

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Health: Envision a World

Learn more about Dr. Tedros, this week appointed new Director-General of the World Health Organization

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A minister speaks on health care and disability in America

read the story

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When did we see You…a stranger…?

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Art, Health, and Dignity: Gallery Voice

Click on image above to read about Jesse Krimes’ project at the Health and Human Rights Initiative of the Georgetown Law School’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Jesse speaks about his incarceration and vision for art in his Ted Talk, “How art and prison help us understand life’s complexities”:

view Jesse’s art and learn more

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Marilynne Robinson: On being and worth

Heart-at-the-Hart_House“Being and human beings…are invested with a degree of value that we can’t honor appropriately. An overabundance that is magical….Brilliant creatures, who at a very high rate, predictably, are incomprehensible to each other….Abuse or neglect of a human being is not the destruction of worth but certainly the denial of it. Worth. We’re always trying to anchor meaning in experience. But without the concept of worth, there’s no concept of meaning….Which I think is so much of the importance of the Genesis narrative. We are given each other in trust.”

(as quoted in Wyatt Mason, “The Revelations of Marilynne Robinson,” The New York Times Magazine, October 1, 2014.)

2017 UPDATE: Marilynne Robinson will be delivering the Ingersoll Lecture as part of Harvard Divinity School’s Bicentennial celebrations, on Thursday, April 27, 2017. The event is currently sold out, but watch for the online video of her lecture soon after the event.

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Little City Kids Die: Why Economic Equity Matters

Source: World Health Organization/UN Habitat, Hidden Cities: Unmasking and overcoming health inequities in urban settings (2010), p. 40.

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