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I Must Go Down to the Beach(es) Again…

  (the title of this post is of course a variant on a famous poem by John Masefield, one recited to me repeatedly throughout my childhood, by a beloved bard for whom it was, far more than a poem, a lifelong … Continue reading

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Pain by Art Scale: Updated

First posted here in 2018, a 2020 LINK UPDATE: Learn more about the use of art in medicine: “What Doctors can Learn from Looking at Art” (Dhruv Khullar, New York Times 2016) Ars Practica: Observation in Practice (a teaching model)

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Kippers posted from here; and other summer reflections

Definitely my favorite image so far this summer. A few more summer favorites, a bit closer to home: ~~~   maritime roses ready soon to harvest for rose hip jelly: beach buckets: child and dog sandprints seagull at breakfast: summer acorns: … Continue reading

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Thy will knows no end in me.

“I thought that my voyage had come to its end at the last limit of my power – that the path before me was closed, that provisions were exhausted and the time come to take refuge in silent obscurity. But … Continue reading

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En Route

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By the Waves

“…a photograph of the garden of the spirit…may we all relax and put our hands in our pockets by the waves where god lives…” (inspired by lines from RS Thomas and friends)

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With Watering, Can

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Take a Walk in the Woods

itching over the green of spring and feeling a bit too stuck in a city (or perhaps a windowless room somewhere)? follow the walk from map to sign Better Solution: Turn The Computer OFF and Go Take a Real Walk!

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And yet the books…

Taking inventory of these much-dog-eared companions always evokes Milosz’ poem…

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Refugee Voices in City Hall (Hamburg)

Also inspired by this photo exhibit at the Rathaus (city hall), smack on the central plaza of the city of Hamburg, Germany, featuring the faces and everyday stories and interests of just a few of the more than 35,000 refugees … Continue reading

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Let there be light

I cannot begin to express what it meant to gaze recently with my own eyes at this exquisite relief of the “heretic” Pharaoh Akhnaton, Queen Nefertiti, and their three daughters with their message of light and peace (click on image … Continue reading

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Divine ocular fluid

    Moses as he lay dying [it is said] wrote the final verses of the Pentateuch with his own tears, “sealing his life and his book in the only manner it could be sealed, with the divine ocular fluid, … Continue reading

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Do you wish to see God’s altar?

“the body of the Lord becomes your altar…when you see this one as a beggar, don’t simply refrain from insulting… but actually  give honor; and if you witness someone else insulting him [or her], stop them, prevent it.” -John Chrysostom, … Continue reading

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In our turbulent world…

“In our turbulent world, health improvement can be a bridge to peace and prosperity, an antidote to intolerance, a source of shared security.” –Dean Julio Frenk, Harvard School of Public Health, 9/12/14 View this video from 2013 on “Mobilizing for Global … Continue reading

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Religion & the Social Determinants of Health: A Photo Essay

Is religion and plus or minus when it comes to health care issues around the world today? A little of both I’d say… Read the full post and photo essay at the Oxford University Press blog. Read the cross-posted version on … Continue reading

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Woman behind a screen door

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Photo Essay: Kumbh Mela: Update

Click here to view my recent blog post, “On Pilgrims and Refugees: A Comparative Reflection,” about the January 2013 Kumbh Mela festival in India. With thanks to the Harvard University South Asia Institute (now the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute) … Continue reading

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