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“Use your common sense. Be courageous”

“It’s so obviously correct that law is better than war, and that it’s better to live in peace, with human rights, than to live in war, killing people whom you don’t even know.” Mr. Benjamin Ferencz, a human rights lawyer … Continue reading

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The mere difference of disability: A parent’s voice

How might it make a difference if you think a disability isn’t something bad in itself but merely “a different way for a body to be”? What might such a perspective mean for affected parents who are also evangelical Christians?  … Continue reading

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What is justice? What is forgiveness? Are both possible?

Click on the image above to read the Harvard Crimson story about this event. Click here to listen to the audio at the Veritas Forum

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Tore open the sky: Reflection for Easter

  Thou, mightiest lion, tore open the sky, descending to the Virgin’s vestibule, and destroyed death, building life in the Golden City, give us fellowship in that city and rest with Thee. (Hildegard of Bingen, transl. Thomas Cahill, Mysteries of the … Continue reading

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Singing America: Sarah Ogan Gunning

One of 15 children born in an Appalachian coal-mining town in 1910, the power of Sarah Ogan Gunning’s heritage, voice, and influence in American folk music has been said to be “giant,” far greater than that of Loretta Lynn or … Continue reading

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Recipe for Worthy Leaders …”and most of all hope”

“Leaders should not seek riches, fame, or even recognition for their efforts….They should see their vocation as one of service and sacrifice and should lead by example. This kind of leadership requires integrity, resilience, a willingness to speak hard truths … Continue reading

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Build & Nurture Community Diversity & Inclusion

Harvard’s hot-off-the-press report on diversity and inclusion is worth the world (or at least other educational and workplace communities around the world) taking a look: Learn more Read the full report

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