Garb of Being!

Off the press & spotted in real time! More information here. It has been a joy to work on this with amazing co-editors Georgia Frank and Andrew Jacobs. And abundant thanks to all of our phenomenal chapter authors. And thank you to George Demacopoulos and Telly Papanicolaou at Fordham, and the folks at Fordham University Press for making it all possible And at its ground of being, the book is inspired-to-its-core by our beloved and indomitable scholar, teacher, and colleague, Susan Ashbrook Harvey.

[photo (book neatly positioned by herringbone and needlepoint) by Andrew S. Jacobs]
[book cover image is from a Syriac lectionary from Mosul (Iraq), dated early 13th century, British Library, Add. 7170, f. 100]
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