First Book Workshop – Application Call – Deadline 9/6/19

Do you know of a recent dissertation (maybe yours!) that bridges religion and health in the ancient world? Is the author (maybe you) busy in (or looking for) a teaching job while hanging between a finished dissertation and “The Book.” Need input and wisdom from other scholars in the field? Want a roundtable feedback with peers to help turn it into a book? If the answers are YES, please consider the following application:

ReMeDHe First Book Workshop – May 2020, Chicago, IL
(directly prior to the North American Patristics Society annual meeting)


The international working-group ReMeDHe (Religion, Medicine, Disability, and Health in late antiquity) invites applications for its 2020 First Book Workshop. The workshop gives two early-career scholars the opportunity to receive feedback on their dissertation (or draft of their first book), as well as tips on publication, from senior and junior colleagues who work on similar topics, sources, and questions.


  • Authors pre-circulate their drafts for all participants to read in advance of the workshop.
  • The morning of the workshop will be broken into two sessions, one for each author. Each session begins with brief opening remarks by the author and a formal response by a senior scholar before the floor is opened up to feedback from other participants. Overall, participants focus on identifying the major strengths and contributions of the draft, prioritizing areas for revision, and offering publication strategies.
  • The afternoon will again be broken into two sessions, one for each author. These sessions are dedicated to clarifying and expanding on ideas raised in the morning session, providing additional feedback, and fielding lingering questions.
  • For each workshop session, a participant will be assigned to take notes, freeing up the authors to fully engage in the conversation
  • The organizing committee will work with authors to identify scholars to invite as formal respondents and participants (approximately 15 total).
  • The workshop strives to be collegial and supportive. Our overarching goal is to strengthen the emerging scholarship on health, healing, and medicine, as well as to support junior scholars.


  • Applicants should be working on their first academic monograph on a topic that fits within the interdisciplinary scope of the ReMeDHe working group (i.e., related to religion, and health, healing, medicine).
  • Applicants should have a polished full draft of their dissertation (or draft monograph) ready to circulate by January 2020.


  • Deadline for applications: September 6, 2019
  • Notification of applicants: late September
  • Deadline for circulating drafts: late January 2020
  • Workshop: late May, directly prior to the North American Patristics Society annual meeting (in Chicago).

 Costs Involved

  • There is no cost for participating in the workshop. (Should participants wish to stay for the North American Patristics Society annual meeting, they will need to secure their own funding for NAPS membership and conference registration fee.)
  • We have received a small grant and are awaiting notification about another larger grant that may be able to subsidize some costs for participants (i.e., travel, accommodations for the workshop date). Funding will be prioritized for the authors whose drafts will be workshopped. We will do our best to ensure that anyone who wishes to participate but who has limited/no institutional funding, is able to do so.


  • Apply using this Qualtrics form:
  • The application includes:
  • Abstract of the project: summary of the main argument and of the logical moves of each chapter (500 words, Word or PDF file)
  • The names of five late antique scholars (not on your dissertation committee) whose scholarship has been particularly instructive to your work and who would be appropriate scholars we could invite to respond to your draft
  • A bulleted list of the disciplines, subfields, and scholarly conversations with which your monograph engages
  • Your projected timeline (e.g., completion of dissertation, anticipated completion of a polished full draft, projected timeline to submit for peer review, target date for publication, etc.)
  • Applications will be reviewed by a set of ReMeDHe Board members, listed at the top of the page here
  • Application deadline: September 6, 2019


Should you have any additional questions about the workshop or the application, please feel free to be in touch with Prof. Kristi Upson-Saia,

Should you like to inquire about the experience of being an author whose monograph is workshopped, please feel free to be in touch with Prof. Julie Kelto Lillis,


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