Countenancing Hunger

This week revisiting “old” news–which in media alas means published ten years ago or more–still worth hearing, I stumble again across this wonderful interview from 2007 with Sara Miles, author of Take This Breadand founder of an altar-based food pantry in California. Click on the video below from NPR’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly for an 8-minute glimpse at how bread, church, hunger, and fourth-century theologians like Gregory of Nyssa converge in conversations about communion, hunger, need, and neighbor.

Learn more about the food pantry

Learn more about Sara Miles

“Nourish those in need, immediately and without hesitating. The gift will not result in loss; don’t be afraid….Do not despise those who are stretched out on the ground as if they merit no respect. Consider who they are and you will discover their worth. They bear the countenance of our Savior.”
– Gregory of Nyssa, first sermon “on the love of the poor,”
also titled 
De beneficentia.


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