Let the lion lie down so the lamb can run the meeting

“When you come from where I come from you are told you can do anything and everything. I really believed that. I mean, I was a white, amazing person–who better to go help people? I made many mistakes before I was able to see how much I hurt people because I don’t listen, or because I think I know better, or that I can run a meeting better…

“Then gradually I came to value the idea of submission, of shutting down my own ego, leaving my comfort zone, and listening to learn. I recognize that this is not a popular concept. And please, I’m not talking about women submitting to men; what I’m talking about is people who are in power, if they do not exercise submission, they are probably hurting people.”

(Kelly Figueroa-Ray, Assistant Director, Project on Lived Theology, University of Virginia; listen to the full online interview with Kelly here. Learn more about Kelly at her Huffington Post bio here.)

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