Bells for Haggis

Reflecting back on a cheering (if not quite heart-healthy) lunch of haggis and chips a few weeks ago at award-winning Bells of Durham. Haggis fans in the United States: Stahly Quality Foods (Fife, Scotland) produces a Stateside canned haggis. Those who might seek a fresh variant of this peculiar food group in the Greater Boston area can also find haggis on the menu at The Haven in Jamaica Plain. I hear that the U.S. version may be slightly unlike that in the U.K. due to respective national fussiness pertaining various food regulations.

Want to make haggis at home? Here’s a recipe from Sue McDougall’s Scottish Fare: Recipes from Scotland (Swansea: Celtic Educational Services Ltd., 1977, p. 19):

1 sheep’s pluck (liver, heart, and lights)
8 oz (200 g) beef suet
4 oz (100 g) onions
3 oz (75 g) toasted pinhead oatmeal
salt and pepper

Wash the pluck and boil in water until tender. Leave to cool in the liquid. Remove the liver, heart and lights and mince. Skin and cut up the onions. Mix all the ingredients together.  Moisten with the liquid in which the pluck boiled so that the mixture binds together. Turn into a pudding basin and press down lightly. Cover with greaseproof paper and steam for 4 hours.

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