Weeping with God


The pain and grief [an individual] suffers over his own situation, alone, in isolation, can break a person. He may even fall so far that he becomes immobilized by it. But the crying that a person does together with God makes him strong. He cries and takes strength. He is shattered, and is then emboldened to study, and to worship.

(Rabbi Kalonymos Kalmish Shapira, Sacred Fire: Torah from the Years of Fury 1939-1942, trans. J. Hershy Worch, ed., Deborah Miller. Jerusalem: Jason Aronson, 2000, p. 316. The words above were written on March 14, 1942. Rabbi Shapira made his last entry in the book on July 18 of that year and sent it into the safekeeping of a friend on January 3, 1943.)

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