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Writing: Overheard

You don’t have to write every day. You don’t have to write what you know. You don’t have to write for publication. You don’t have to please anyone else. You don’t have to write like anyone else. You don’t have … Continue reading

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Bioethics and Spirituality at Tuskegee University

Dr. Wylin D. Wilson, a 2018-19 Research Associate at the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at Harvard Divinity School, speaks about ethics and spirituality as core to the vision of the Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics in Research and … Continue reading

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Weeping with God

The pain and grief [an individual] suffers over his own situation, alone, in isolation, can break a person. He may even fall so far that he becomes immobilized by it. But the crying that a person does together with God … Continue reading

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What would Solomon do?

Since posting below, welcome the Washington Post response from two New Testament theologians June 15 on the Bible’s moral mandate and support for welcoming immigrants and aliens. Thank you Professors Aymer and Nasrallah. Dahlia L, Schlanger M. Slate 2018; Jun … Continue reading

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Medicine, Pain, and Faith: 2019 Conference

The annual Conference on Medicine and Religion is a leading forum for discourse and scholarship at the intersection of medicine and religion. It exists to enable health professionals and scholars to gain a deeper and more practical understanding of how … Continue reading

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The Stopping Places – and Health

Oxford Theology graduate Damien Le Bas has just published a welcome memoir on growing up Romany (“Gypsy”) in Britain. Read an extract here. Read an interview with the author. Learn more about the Roma at the FXB Center for Health … Continue reading

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On my mind these days, during a sudden window of poignant loss,     from a very old calendar (click to view enlarged)

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