Pappas Patristic Summer Institute 2018

Just heard about the courses on tap (below) at the twelfth annual Summer Program in Patristic Studies (June 25-29, 2018), sponsored by the Pappas Patristic Institute of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. Learn more here. Announcement pdf.

  1. The Scripture in Early Christian Prayers, Dr. Bruce Beck
  2. Virtues and Vices in the Eastern and Western Fathers, Kevin Clarke (PhD candidate, Ave Maria University)
  3. Economia and Ecology: The Church Fathers on the Creation, Dr. David Goodin
  4. The Lord’s Prayer in Patristic Tradition, Dr. Zachary Kostopoulos
  5. Grace and Free Will, Dr. Brian Matz
  6. The Philokalia, Dr. Sean Moberg
  7. Taming the Thoughts: Ascesis in the monastic writings, Dr. Despina Prassas
  8. Female Deacons in the Early Church, Dr. Pauliina Pylvänäinen
  9. The Hymnography of Lent and Holy Week:  Forming the Identity and Cultivating the Life of the Christian, Dr. Teva Regule
  10. Maximos the Confessor: Exegete and Spiritual Guide, Joshua Sales (PhD Candidate, Fordham University)
  11. The Ascending Pilgrimage: The Spiritual Life according to Irenaeus of Lyons, Don Springer (PhD. candidate, McMaster Divinity)
  12. Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the Church Fathers; Dr. George Tsakiridis


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