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Simone Weil on Relational Justice

“If Simone Weil is correct… justice means the right relationships among all things. I think this relates to social justice, the active restoration of right relationships, because after all, what does the beauty of the world tell us? … Now … Continue reading

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How do you measure the success of welfare?

Program Cost or Human Benefit? A very brief history of welfare and work in the USA

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Overheard: Blessing the Ploughs

As a Yank descended from a long line of farmers and village craftspeople, I was delighted this week to learn that in England bishops still perform plough blessings (in January) as a liturgy in the agricultural year (see image). Festivities … Continue reading

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The Bell Tower viewed from the Bell Tower

If you find this view of folks having tea dull and boring, and/or feel an urge to climb out of winter, take a virtual trek higher in this video (warning: you may not wish to view if you get queasy in … Continue reading

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