Remembering Fred Norris and Heather Adams (update)

In October 2016 I lamented the passing of two profoundly inspiring friends, colleagues, and amazing human beings. One was patristic scholar, Frederick W. Norris (left), who inspired many of us to creatively “re-read” (or, just plain read) Gregory of Nazianzus. The other was Heather Adams (right, with her son), founding director of the Harvard FXB Center’s Program on Empowering People with Intellectual Disabilities. Fred and Heather didn’t know each other (and inhabited very different worlds), but they shared a common spirit of hope, encouragement, and healing. Both actively devoted their lives to making the world a better place–and did! Read more about each of them by clicking on their names or images above, and the 2017 update (below).

Thank you again, Fred and Heather, for being in my life.

2017 UPDATE: More about Heather Adams

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