Just Health in Religion (update)

To those of you who might wonder what happened to the “Just Health in Religion” page on this site and its related activities (since I don’t otherwise blog this is my social media for such things to anonymous readers):

The project is still very much on the table, but (long story) circumstances have made the timing just impossible right now. I will be doing what’s possible behind the scenes (and joining Harvard Divinity School’s new “Religions and the Practice of Peaceworking group as an alumni participant in the interim to keep me honest). But rather than image something that creates unfair and false hopes about what might be happening but isn’t (I don’t believe in that; it goes against all my ethics; thanks Mom!), visitors simply won’t see that page on the site until further notice.

Hopefully I’ll be able to creep along doing things behind the scenes since it’s something colleagues (maybe even you) have heartily endorsed.

If you want to know more, please be in touch directly. Thanks!

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