You rush to get to a meeting, and…

Prayer: View on Black, by Luca Rossata; posted here under the FlickR Creative Commons license“In Nairobi in the late nineties, I met the then Director of WHO [World Health Organization] for East Africa. ‘Churches,’ he said, ‘are a complete nightmare to work with, because they have so many priorities that have nothing to do with health. For example, you rush to get to a meeting, and you sit down, and silence falls, and then instead of getting on with the agenda somebody says, ‘Let’s pray.’

“‘I mean…!’, he said.”

-Gillian Paterson, “Discovering Fire: Changes in International Thinking on Health Care–The Challenge for Religion,” in James R. Cochrane, Barbara Schmidt, and Teresa Cutts, eds., When Religion and Health Align: Mobilising Religious Health Assets for Transformation. Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications, 2011, pp. 17-18.
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