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“I’d really just like a book on social justice”

From Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard Commencement speech last week: Remember when I told you about that class I taught at the Boys and Girls Club? One day after class I was talking to them about college, and one of my top … Continue reading

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You rush to get to a meeting, and…

“In Nairobi in the late nineties, I met the then Director of WHO [World Health Organization] for East Africa. ‘Churches,’ he said, ‘are a complete nightmare to work with, because they have so many priorities that have nothing to do … Continue reading

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Do you know about ReMeDHe?

Just back from some very exciting sessions with ReMeDHe: Working Group for Religion, Medicine, Disability, and Health in Late Antiquity–an amazing group of scholars in late antiquity who focus on health & disability narratives! The group is co-directed by Professors … Continue reading

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Health: Envision a World

Learn more about Dr. Tedros, this week appointed new Director-General of the World Health Organization

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A minister speaks on health care and disability in America

read the story Visual Update

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When did we see You…a stranger…?

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