Night Owl’s Blessing

fyordnight…rise up, and behold the choir of the stars, the deep silence, the great repose. Contemplate with wonder the order of your Master’s household. Then is your soul purer; it is lighter, and finer, and soars nimbly. The darkness itself, and the profound silence, are enough to lead you to compunction. And if you also look to the heavens embroidered with its stars, as with ten thousand eyes, if you reflect on all those crowds of people who, during the day, are shouting, laughing, leaping, stamping their feet, up to no good, grabbing, threatening, inflicting innumerable wrongs, all of them lying down no different from corpses, you will reject all the stubbornness of humanity. …If you gaze out the window and lean over into the street, you will not hear a single sound. If you look into the house, you will see all lying down as if it were in a tomb. All this is enough to arouse the soul, and lead it to reflect on the consummation of all things.

-John Chrysostom, Hom. Act. 26.3, trans. Chris De Wet
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