Beholden book review: Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics

tmbLovely review of Beholden in the latest online issue of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics by Daniel T. Kim, MPH. Kim is a doctoral student in religious ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School.

I especially value this review because (in addition to its 4 pages of nice comments)  Kim also carefully details what Beholden is not (and indeed was never intended to be). His details have value because they may help sketch out what is still needed–from other books–to stir the dialogue further toward a constructive intersection between religion (however you define it) and public or global health (however you define them). In short, Kim’s review invites further work in this field that would be characterized by: a tightly systematic, theory-driven approach, one that brings to the discussion a methodology that could be practically applicable in health sciences research.

Perhaps the kind of study and method that you, Dear Reader, might write?

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