Health Care Justice: Communities Matter



Communities of Health Care Justice by Charlene Galarneau (Rutgers University Press, 2016). The author (PhD Study of Religion, Harvard) teaches women and gender studies at Wellesley College.

Brief Description:
Justice in health care is multilayered and requires the participation of multiple and diverse communities. Communities of Health Care Justice makes a powerful ethical argument for treating communities as critical moral actors that play key roles in defining and upholding just health policy. Drawing together the key community dimensions of health care, and demonstrating their neglect in most prominent theories of health care justice, the authorpostulates the ethical norms of community justice. In the process, she proposes that while the subnational communities of health care justice are defined by shared place, including those bound by culture, religion, gender, and race that together they define justice. Galarneau firmly grounds the theory of health justice in the work of real-world health policy and community advocates.Communities of Health Care Justice not only strives to imagine a new framework of just health care, but also to show how elements of this framework exist in current health policy, and to outline the systemic, conceptual, and structural changes required to put these justice norms into fuller practice.

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