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How can you promote human rights?

“Human rights can be promoted through direct financial support for human rights measures in another country, or through technical assistance in the form of expertise and training, for example to improve the legal system….Other types of positive approach include financial … Continue reading

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Food, Poverty, Liturgy: Upcoming Lecture

Learn more about St. John the Compassionate Mission in Toronto

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Is religion of value in the public health of preventive medicine?

New review article – available as open access online html or downloadable pdf format.  

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Uhlhorn on Charity: Still Worth Reading after 133 Years

Ok, so he has some biases (very Protestant German Lutheran, not so nice about medieval Catholicism), and a few limitations (focuses on Greek and Latin sources, to which we now can also enjoy scholars’ input and translations from Syriac, Coptic, … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter: Storytelling and Global Justice Video

Just completed a truly amazing 6-week summer class on “Storytelling and Global Justice,” taught by Michael Patrick MacDonald, author of All Souls and Easter Rising. What a privilege to learn from MacDonald and fellow students, committed folks who came from all over the world … Continue reading

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Midwifery, Musings against, London, 1751/1938

“There is still much prejudice I learn against the Interference of Surgeons in Child Bearing…. Women are strange creatures as has been known from the days of the Ancients. They still prefer the ministrations of some Poxy old Harridan and … Continue reading

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