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Science Paper, May 25, 1942

Always amazing to discover what staid, elderly relatives wrote about in high school… (but then maybe it seemed obvious when the beloved, heroic grandfather of this particular staid relation survived by building & selling lobster pots…) (click on cover to view artwork)

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Real French bread in Toronto

Bread from St John’s Bakery, inspired (and baked) at Toronto’s St John the Compassionate Mission. (yes, Canada on the mind this month!)

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From Aid to Accompaniment: Forthcoming

From Aid to Accompaniment: A New Way of Thinking About Delivering Foreign Aid will lay out a theory of accompaniment and illustrate its effective implementation across a variety of fields, including medicine, education, conflict resolution, and care for abandoned children. Authored … Continue reading

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Merton on Solitude

“Solitude as act: The reason no one really understands solitude, or bothers to try to understand it, is that it appears to be nothing but a condition, something one elects to undergo–like standing under a cold shower. Actually, solitude is … Continue reading

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Flurries for July

(no this is not a weather report! rather, a counter-seasonal image for cooling contemplation during a heat wave)

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Luther on socioeconomic justice

New book, from the speakers at the November 2015 “Forgotten Luther” symposium in Washington, DC.  Coedited by Carter Lindberg, Read more about the Symposium Read more about the book

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Help Girls Learn Safely

it’s pretty simple, really – here’s a lesson for the world from Bangladesh

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