Seeking: The Perfect Academic Post

DurhamFrescoDetailBelow is a profile of what I’d count a dream opportunity (not all details are essential)

Suitable Candidate Seeks Dream Job:
Description of Employment: The position will be a full time (or part-time affordable) academic appointment in a university or theological seminary setting in the US, Canada, or Europe (and yes, I count the UK). Position must include a living wage with health care coverage in addition to some mutually agreeable measure of the following components:

  • Opportunities to mentor students interested in: late antiquity, material culture in the history of faith-based responses to poverty, hunger, disease, and/or social justice, place and substance in the history of medicine; global health, the history of religion (with a focus on the Christian tradition), and ideas for connecting these interests across practical community “ministry” today;
  • Opportunity for administrative/program leadership in a setting characterized by an organized, proactive vision and measurably effective good in the world;
  • Administrative/program leadership may include responsibilities mentoring or engaging with others (students and/or junior scholars) to review and edit (others’) book-length or otherwise publishable projects – preferably projects that ordinary people can read and understand;
  • Demonstrated respect for both innovative and traditional research and writing, evidenced by ensured funding for research time, travel, participation in academic fora, and dedicated writing time;
  • Teaching load: maximum 2 courses per year; may be distributed as one per semester or combined into a single semester; allowing time to retain a personal rhythm of solitude, writing, and fundamental humanity;
  • Locational stability; my goal is to invest a decade in nurturing student cohorts while based in a fixed geography;
  • Ready access to and engagement in a diversity of faith communities, including monastic communities;
  • Multidisciplinary colleagues who are humble, joyous, welcoming, serious scholars, sensible, nice, and wise people, who share a global perspective on building shared communities and practical proactive vision for good.
  • Climate near or within an urban setting with easy access to good hiking and sea birds strongly preferred.
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