Talk about religion? In the hospital??

pulsometerYou might think, if you or your loved ones were deathly ill in the hospital, the medical staff might be at least willing to help you or your family members talk about religious and faith issues, if you brought it up. But no, say researchers based at Duke and the University of Pittsburgh, in a study on conversations between health care proxies and physicians in the intensive care unit. And that’s too bad because more than half of those in the ICU (or their families) do bring up such issues, and see it as directly relevant to health care and the work of therapy in these potential end-of-life conversations.

But what do hospital staff do? They change the subject.

Read the study.

Read more about the study, its findings, and suggestions for change in Time Magazine.

Read an invited commentary on this research by investigators at the  Harvard University Initiative on Health, Religion, and Spirituality.

image: pulse oximeter, photo by Quinn Dombrowski, posted here under the Creative Commons license.
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