AMOS in Nicaragua: Combining theology, human rights, and health

AMOSlogoFundacion AMOS Salud y Esperanza (AMOS Health and Hope Foundation) is a faith-based community organization in Nicaragua that builds from and within the concerns and  strengths of local neighbors to help improve health and overturn injustices related to poverty, disease, and deaths that could be prevented by a human-rights-based approach to health and change. Founded by Dr. Gustavo Parajón, a medical doctor and recipient of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Human Rights Award, AMOS is currently co-directed by Drs. David and Laura Parajón. Programs use community-based methodologies to support primary health care, community nutrition, clean water, healthy schools, youth empowerment, and maternal health.  Their website clearly points to the Alma Ata Declaration as foundational to their vision and work to provide primary health care for all, as well as a commitment to ongoing evaluation and monitoring.  They offer global health internships and team volunteer opportunities for those coming from outside Nicaragua who are serious about learning from this quietly transformative model and its story.

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