Can we really lead a world based on equality?

Here’s how Dr. Carolyn Woo, President and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, answered that question in the April 2015 World Bank panel organized by World Bank President, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, in which five religious leaders discuss “The Power of Faith to End Extreme Poverty“:

Poverty is very complex. When you [aim to] get at that problem, you have to do multiple things. And the multiple things include: how do you build assets? It’s not just financial assets, but there’s intellectual assets, there’s social and medical assets. Once you have the assets, it’s how do you build in resiliency? But the third one is, are the structures of that society fair? Are the political structures and the social structures working? The fourth one is: Do they have a place at the table? Do they have voice? Do they have influence? But the next thing really is that our work must be measurable. And we must give people, provide, a channel for feedback from the people we are trying to serve. So I think those are the multiple things which not only is trying to get rid of poverty in a financial sense, but to sustain it, understanding the structures and the capacities of the community which are needed so we can have this fair and peaceful society.”

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