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Can we really lead a world based on equality?

Here’s how Dr. Carolyn Woo, President and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, answered that question in the April 2015 World Bank panel organized by World Bank President, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, in which five religious leaders discuss “The Power of Faith … Continue reading

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Religion and Global Health: An Interview

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Flannery O’Connor: On those who call themselves rich

“…She told him how the people who looked rich were the poorest of all because they had the most to keep up.” [Mrs. McIntyre to her priest, in O’Connor’s short story, “The Displaced Person”]

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Humanitarianism and Orthodox Christianity: Colloquium Videos

To view individual sessions, link (above) to the colloquium home page video gallery and select “playlist” or view the full playlist here. View the program.

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On the “right to relief” (1719)

For extream [sic] Want gives every Man a just Right to Relief; and he is as much an Owner, and has as good a Title to this, as we have to any Thing which we possess.” Source: Benjamin Ibbot, “Parable … Continue reading

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Cultivating generosity: gifting in South Asia

…the religious gift, dana [Sanskrit] or dan [Hindi] in the Indic context … should not be given to a family member or a benefactor, for those gifts inherently carry some emotional weight, but the most fruitful dana is given to a worthy recipient with no … Continue reading

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Facing Summer Vacation

… And always in one another we seek the proof of experiences it would be worth dying for.” R. S. Thomas, “Somewhere,” as  quoted in  Jeffery Alan Triggs, “The Halo Upon the Bones: R. S. Thomas’s Journey to the  Interior,”   … Continue reading

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