Father Themi: From Academia to Sierra Leone


Educating on Ebola in Sierra Leone. Photo: Good News Text (click on image to view original); Fr. Themi is second from right.

Years ago I knew the monk, Themi Adamopoulos, as a fellow doctoral student in religious studies at Brown and very much a beloved and sui generis character. A former rock star from Australia (though born in Alexandria, Egypt), Themi completed his PhD and realized he wanted to do something more than spend his life in academia. Then he discovered the beautiful country of Sierra Leone. There since 2008, this Orthodox priest serves among its war- and Ebola-devastated citizens, as founder of Holy Orthodox Mission in Freetown. The mission has a compound constructed to help care for the children of disabled parents, a primary school and a teacher’s college. It also provides housing for the disabled and their families, water wells for drinking, cleaning, and growing of fruits and vegetables, as well as a medical clinic. The work is helped and supported by Paradise4Kids.org, where you can read the latest at their blog.  And the Vimeo “2015: Guitar Monk” proves he’s still a rock star for some!

Read more and listen to Fr. Themi talk about his journey and mission  

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