Raising peace-making kids in Oakland

Russell M. Jeung, associate professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University, was one of the cofounders of New Hope Covenant, a Christian community in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Oakland, California, where he has lived for years with his wife and three children. Jeung’s research focuses on the connections between race, religion, and community organizing, and he is the co-producer of the video documentary, The Oak Park Story, about his faith-based community organizing in East Oakland with Cambodians and Latinos. Two recent issues of Christianity Today included excerpts from his spiritual memoir about his Hakka (Guest People) background and his life among refugees and immigrants in the city.

To read “Raising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part One,” click here. To read “Raising a Generation of Peacemakers, Part Two,” click here.

[this post is a slightly adapted cross-posting from the University of Virginia’s Project on Lived Theology. Jeung’s recent research was supported in part by this Lilly Foundation-funded project and its Virginia Seminar in Lived Theology.]

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