Today’s Hero: My friend Alice

Alice_CasablancaMarket-blogsized Join the Peace Corps at age 85? Why not, said my friend Alice! A committed Orthodox Christian activist of many years, Alice gave up her nice, secure, subsidized urban elderly housing apartment, filled out the application and health forms, passed  the Peace Corps exams and interviews, obtained her bishop’s blessing and a warm farewell from her parish, started to brush up on her French, traveled cross-country to say an exuberant (temporary) farewell to her extensive network of friends and family, and recently landed in Morocco, where she is living with an Arabic-speaking family to learn as much as she can of an entirely new language, preparing to teach, as the Peace Corps’ oldest volunteer yet. She inspires the heck out of me, and reminds me that change happens not fundamentally by the energy of organizations but by the active hearts of one person taking one decision at a time. It’s people like Alice who embody that psalm verse, “They will be like trees that stay healthy and fruitful,  even when they are old.” (Ps. 92:14). Read more about Alice at her blog.

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