Dr. Paul Farmer: The vitality of practice

Three points for reflection from Dr. Paul Farmer’s “Voices in Leadership” webcast conversation today at Harvard School of Public Health:

“The vitality of practice is a beautiful thing.”
(when asked “How do you maintain outrage without burnout?”)

“We romanticize structural violence by calling it cultural difference. Let’s all fight not to conflate these. It’s going on with Ebola too.”

“Humility and listening – leadership demands it. We need more of it – especially in activism and academics. You never go wrong when you have a healthy social justice agenda. We need to be more humble about getting ready to decide ‘this is what a health policy should be’ based on affordability and cost – going back to a social justice approach – so people can be healthy, have agency, and lead lives with less suffering.”

View the full event here.

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