Good news for global health education

  • Read the 8/26/14 news story about the new appointment of Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI)’s Founding Faculty Director, Dr. Sue J. Goldie, to advance a vision for innovative global health education, as Director of a new Global Health Education and Learning Incubator, and as special adviser to the provost on global health education and learning. The Global Health Education and Learning Incubator  “will leverage and strengthen the educational programs and resources developed under HGHI, with a targeted focus on testing and disseminating creative, effective strategies and tools for teaching and learning across both classrooms and the global landscape.” It will continue to be deeply connected with the Institute and faculty and students across the University. Learn more about HGHI’s new Director, Dr. Ashish Jha, here.
  • Read stories about some of the Institute’s educational  activities over the past few years here.
  • Visit the Institute’s website to learn more about its current work, forthcoming events, and to sign up for periodic updates.
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