Mobilizing religious health assets

The International Religious Health Assets Programme (IRHAP) recently published a free, downloadable, and immensely user-friendly “barefoot guide” for connecting public health activities with faith-based work in the health arena:¬†James R. Cochrane and Gary R. Gunderson, The barefoot guide to mobilizing religious health assets for transformation, Barefoot Collective 3; 2012. Based on a collaboration between universities and funders in southern Africa and the USA, the guide may be useful in resource-challenged settings around the world. From the book description:

BarefootGuideCoverImgHealth is one way to describe our capacity to be alive and to play our role as members of families and neighborhoods, indeed as citizens. But how does one choose life for the community? How do we as leaders make sure that our lives are about life and health? The journey this Barefoot Guide will take you on is a response to those questions. … Religious assets for health are everywhere, they matter to a lot of people, and they can be mobilized for the health of all.

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