Prayer camps in Ghana

It’s all too easy to find and criticize abusive uses of religious ideologies so I generally limit this blog to examples about positive actions and ideas. However, an exposé on prayer “healing” camps in Ghana – also featured in a January 2014 Lancet “World Report” – is worth noting, perhaps especially since it is, happily, finally beginning to get attention from those who care about such issues (including at least some who are also sympathetic to religion), including attention to the complexities of imposing rich-country ideals on poor-country activities.  While there are many types of diseases and afflictions that affect mental health, and many different treatments (cultural, spiritual, chemical) that may be appropriate to each, it does strike one on reading about the practices in Ghana that Jesus did not use chains or order fasting in the treatment or establishment of safety and health related to any mentally tortured persons he encountered…

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