Don’t forget to brush

Dr. Brittany Seymour is a Harvard-based dentist and faculty member in global health. Several years ago she realized that the “mission model” of serving the world’s poor with short-term “fix it” dental services was a seriously deficient approach to this important aspect of health. Dental health affects how well our bodies can fight infections; it is affected by our nutritional health as well as what we eat, and painful or missing teeth affect what we can eat or chew. Dental health affects basic human dignity (are you confident enough to smile or speak if you are self-conscious about missing, crooked, or discolored teeth?) and influences what others think of how we look. And the list goes on. What needs to change?
View Dr. Seymour’s visit to a classroom of young children in a slum in India.
Listen to her story about choosing to pursue global health.
Learn more about her work.

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