Ambrose on Avarice

New book on Ambrose’ views of wealth and the greed of the rich: Roberta Ricci, In Summis Divitiis Inops: Ambrogio e il Ricco Infelice. Bologne (Italy): Patron Editore, 2013. Based on the author’s dissertation. The title evokes Ambrose’s letter 38, to Simplician, chapter 3, that the one who is truly rich:

“…possesses peace of mind and the tranquility of rest…desires nothing, is not tossed by the storms of lust, does not despise old things or seek new stuff that will cause [that person] by constant desire to become poor in the midst of riches…” (trans. John J. Savage, Fathers of the Church 42 [1961], here altered slightly.)

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